Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Combining Expectations: Integers, One Step Equations and Translation Vectors

When looking at my curriculum, as I think many other teachers do, thought "How am I going to cover all of this". However, when I started looking through the parts I thought of how each expectation didn't have to be taught separately, but that perhaps if they are taught and explored together they would provide great context and then also the time to think through each of them.

My first attempt at this is exploring translation vectors, integer addition/subtraction and one step equations all in one hit. By doing this, I feel that my students will have longer to look at each concept and also use their strengths in one area to help them in another. I have already seen that my visual students have grasped the addition and subtraction of integers through their translation vectors, better than they would have done if it was taught separately.

I have put below each days goal and the related handout that the students completed (if applicable). My classes next steps are to explore the rest of the transformations on a Cartesian Plane. Through this we will also be looking at composite areas, similar and congruent shapes and two step equations. If you have any ideas of how these can lead into each other please let me know. I have a plan but open to change.

Outline and Resources:

Previously to this we had already explored the transformation terms through dance. Please see the previous post about this exciting activity.

Day 1:

  • Explore the Cartesian Plane and how coordinate points are communicated. Translation Vector Intro.
  • Resources: Click Here. 
Day 2:
  • Translation Vectors Review and Thinking -> Inquiry into integer addition and subtraction.
  • Resources: Click Here and Click Here
Day 3:
If you are interested in my challenge levels please read my blog post about it. Click Here

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