Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twitter Chats: Inspirational Weekday Hours

Over the past three weeks I have made an effort to explore Twitter further as my Cohort 21 members have told me about how great a PLC it can be. So I jumped feet first into it by signing up for Twitter deck and found what weekly chats were occurring and which matched my interest. Here is my list.

Monday Night: #MSmathchat
This is the middle school math chat group. I like this group as it is directly linked to my teaching focus. There are great resources for activities, methods of teaching and ideas to engage MS students. Also a great place to meet others that may have a blog with fun resources.

Tuesday Night: #Scichat
This is Science chat with science teachers sharing resources and ideas. The times that I have been on it is not as structured as the other chats, but more of a time that people are around and there if you are wanting to share a challenge or resource.

Wednesday Night: #SBLchat
This chat is the Standards Based Learning group. A big movement in the states, and one that I am interested in exploring. It is a good group to get ideas of how to implement this assessment method in your classroom. I am hoping to bring it in as it matches with Ontario's "Most consistent, Most recent" idea.

Thursday Night: #MSchat
This chat is for Middle School teachers. On my first chat I found a teacher who is doing interesting things with rubrics and student conferencing after projects. This encounter has turned into email exchanges so that I can better understand how she is implementing this strategy. I like this chat as it has all types of individuals connected with the Middle School world so if you have a question or idea, it is a great place to send it and get feedback.

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