Monday, November 10, 2014

UPDATE: Dancing Through Transformations

So the transformation dancing is almost done (Click Here for the post). Things that I have learned from the experience are listed below as well as the documents that were given to the students:

Things that went well:

  • Students were more open to risk taking since it was not done on paper. 
  • It was a great activity to use for students to get to know a different member of the class. 
  • Students helped each other.
  • It illustrated that even though these terms have been learned before, they are not concrete in their heads. 
  • Having them communicate the dance with the boxes on the ground was a good introduction to coordinate points and communicating a transformation. 
  • Having the three different challenge levels allowed each groups to work on the dance for the same amount of time and with the same amount of attention to detail. 
Things that were a challenge:
  • Time. It took longer than I previously thought.
  • Music. Giving them music to dance to caused stress. 
  • Assessment. Finding the right time/place to give formative feedback.
Things to do next time:
  • No music, but indicate that they will use only 10 moves. 
  • Have mini due dates for each day. Make sure that the students film their translation dance in class since the communication of it can be done at home. 
  • Now that I have done this once, create a rubric that the students can refer to, and can be attached to their completed Google Doc by Goobric. 
  • Determine a time when formative feedback will be given. This feedback will be on their ability to apply the terminology as well as if they are able to communicate specific steps. 

This link is to the Google Drive folder for the class. In it are the handouts, as well as example videos for them to complete. This folder was used on the first day. Click Here

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